Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Petticoat Junction with special guest stars Buddy Rogers and Benny Rubin (1968)

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Booksteve said...

I remember this episode was a real big deal that season! I mean wow, Buddy Rogers and Richard Arlen were still alive, 40 years after their picture won the first Oscar! They must be ANCIENT!

Ten years later I saw him in Cincinnati at a Bob Hope charity show, running all over the stage, leaping on top of a piano and playing the trumpet wildly, acting like he was still a teenager! Having been conditioned by this episode to consider him a fossil, I was really impressed he could move at all!

In retrospect...he was 73. Still impressive but not that big a deal anymore. Saw Paul McCartney at 69 act the same way onstage this past summer!

It's all perspective.