Monday, February 7, 2011

The David Frost Show with guests Spiro Agnew and Eva Paterson (1970)

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Jonathan F. King said...

This is stunning stuff ... and I say that as a veteran of the times and events under discussion. The general topic is student activism in the context of the post-Kent State milieu. First the lucid presentation by Northwestern U. student body president Eva Jefferson Paterson -- notable, among other things, for the fact that she isn't cut short or interrupted, either by the host or the VP of the United States. Then the stubbornly off-point response by Agnew ... followed by exchanges between the two of them, with minimal interposition by Frost or others. (A particularly special moment is when Agnew claims that some student "radicals" had even (gasp!) called for the impeachment of President Nixon ... a full four years before that call became overwhelming.)