Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Skip Lowe Looks at Hollywood with guest Cesar Romero (1985)

Why did celebrities talk to this guy!?


Moose said...

Good question. I wonder if it was a mere coincidence that Cesar needed to wipe his eye with is middle finger when "Skip" asked him why they called him "Butch" as his first question.


That's why its great someone respectful like yourself is doing such great interviews!

Joe Gannon said...

I wonder if Skip was the inspiration for Jiminy Glick.

greg6363 said...

gYes, Joe. Skip E. Lowe was the inspiration for Jiminy Glick. In fact, Billy Crystal had formulated a character in the 1980's that strongly resembled Lowe but he never performed it since he felt no one would know who he was impersonating.