Tuesday, October 12, 2010

WTOP - End of Broadcast Day (1964)


Barbara said...

did you know Walter Cronkite was the first news anchor at that station?

Man, that announcer was depressing!

No TV until 6:50 a.m.? Those were the days!

Geoff said...

I'm pretty sure this is a recreation... actual audio, a couple of stills, and a filter to make it look like old film.

Barbara said...

In our town, KOVR played High Flight and then this:

On KCRA, they played this...up until 1986!! Hard to believe it's only been 30 years!

Kliph Nesteroff said...

That Bee is AWESOME!

Barbara said...

The Bee is awesome, isn't he? We used to stay up just to see that.