Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Andy Griffith Show with special guest star Denver Pyle (1966)


Modern Otter said...

Eerily appropriate that the opening still in the first YouTube--the gentleman with the bass fiddle--is Mitch Jayne of the Dillards (the bluegrass band who played the Darling Family). Mitch, passed away at age 80 on August 2. He was a wonderfully gifted comic emcee for the band, co-writer of a number of their songs, and a talented prose writer as well.

Anonymous said...

Since there was no text commentary on the show, I thought I'd add the following semi-topical information. The bluegrass band used as "The Darlings" on the show were an actual recording group, The Dillards. Mitch Jayne, the bass player pictured in the first freeze-frame of the YouTube link, passed away on the second of this month.