Monday, June 14, 2010

The Howard Stern Show with guest Don Rickles (2010)

I am shocked. This is perhaps the best interview with Don Rickles I have ever encountered. I'm not kidding. It's from just last week. You'll love it.


Anonymous said...

Because Stern is such a scapegoat for all of the ills of society, it's a very well-kept secret that he is by far the best celebrity interviewer since Jack Paar.

He gets dirt out of famous people because he doesn't pull any punches and he never worries about the celeb's "handlers".

He does not ask pre-interview questions because they don't do pre-interviews - which is unheard of today (hence the sheer dullness of every other talk show on TV).

So some guests have to walk a tightrope between what the publicist wants them to talk about or not talk about and what the star wants to say, which makes some interviews even more fun to watch.

This is why Stern never gets tapped for mainstream TV. He is not considered a "safe-haven" for publicists and entertainment companies trying to promote their latest project. He is too freeform.

The excuse they use, of course, is it's because he's "too dirty". Which is a crock.

Mike Durrett said...

Excellent. Thanks for posting. Rickles is an amazing, unique, and natural talent. I was so fortunate to experience him as he broke through and took TV by storm 45 years ago.