Sunday, December 27, 2009

You Bet Your Life - Early Kinescope (1949)


Anonymous said...

I think this was supposed to serve as the pilot fot the YBYL TV series, although it was actually just a filming of the radio show, which was on CBS at the time, rather than NBC, who carried the TV show.

Barry I. Grauman said...

This was actually a kinescope recording of one of the unedited tapings of the radio show [December 5, 1949, later edited and broadcast on December 28, 1949]. CBS, which aired the radio show in the 1949-'50 season, was planning to bring it to TV the following fall, and wanted to see how it would look as a TV show. Before they could proceed, NBC outbid CBS for the rights to the series (with an exclusive contract for Groucho's services), and presented the show on both radio and TV in the fall of 1950.