Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shindig with guest Shirley Ellis (1965)

AKA - How to turn your crummy day into a great one. How to turn your bad mood into an indestructible good mood!

And here's The Clapping Song fer yer Ipod (Shhhhh - Don't Tell Nobody).

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Michael said...

Definitely not Shindig. Possibly 9th Street West or Shivaree. Shindig had much better lighting, a house band so there was almost never lip synching (which is the case here)and almost never showed the audience. The set looks like the set of Shivaree.

Could be a young Teri Garr dancing all the way to the left behind Shirley Ellis. She was a dancer at the time, was in LA and was about that age, but I can't get a real good look at her because of the perpetual motion going on.