Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Generation Exploitation Podcast #67

The lastest episode of The Generation Exploitation Podcast is up! Listen to it here.
Out of Our Tree - The Wailers
Glad All Over - The Boss Guitars
Please Please Me - Santo & Johnny

Love, American Style - Charles Fox

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom - The Enchords
Zoom, Zoom, Zoom - The Dreamlovers
Walk Away Renee - The Four Tops

Walk Away Renee - The Blades of Grass

Real Fright - Iron Butterfly

It's Got To Happen - Billy Preston w/Sly Stone

Reflections - The Supremes
Be True to Your School - The Beach Boys

All I Need - Four Tops

Goin' To See My Baby - Fatback Band
Amen, Brother - The Winstons
Reach Out of the Darkness - Friend & Lover

Written Charter - The Tuneful Trolley
Paul Anka at The Copa - Intro
Bobby Darin at The Copa - Intro
Jackie Wilson at The Copa - Intro
Alan Gale at The Celebrity Club - Intro

J.A.J. - The Kingsmen

Night Train - The Kingsmen

Incidental Samples from Brian Rudd's Christian Lecture LP - From Bum Trip to The Trip Beyond

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