Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Smothers Brothers Show (1965) - Footage Offline - 09/15/10

I kinda like this failed sitcom starring The Smothers Brothers. Of course, I've always been a big fan of the brothers because their act is hilarious, but have also been a big fan of Tom Smothers for his mind and political perspective. I'm glad to have been able to talk to him on several occasions. Go see them live, if you have the chance, before it's too late. Watch two more episodes of this rarity by clicking on The Smothers Brothers Show subject line below. This is a show that Tommy assures me will never ever be on DVD. However, in an eccentric move, Season Three of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour comes to DVD this fall, followed by the first and second or second and first.

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dale hazelton said...

Wow! I was just reading about this show LAST NIGHT in a late 1964 copy of Newsweek magazine I have. Tom was describing the show to the writer and relayed a bit about the Angel character putting a message to Dick in a fortune cookie at a restaurant that says "meet me in the restroom." Dick runs to the bathroom and asks why he put a mesage in the cookie, and Tom says "I couldn't very well put it in a meatball!"

The network thought with the success of Bewitched that this show would be a hit. I guess it never made it. Thanks for the post!