Thursday, June 26, 2008

Home with host Arlene Francis and guest Charles and Ray Eames (1956)


Anonymous said...

I have always loved to watch What's My Line and always most impressed by Arlene Francis who always had something nice to say about every guest. She wore a beautiful diamond necklass with a diamond hanging in the center representing her son, I believe, given to her by her husband, Martin Gabel. I have searced he Internet trying to find photos of her with the necklace on because I loved it so muchy and would love to have a similar one made. Can anyone help?

Anonymous said...

You probably know by now, but the necklace is all over Youtube episodes of WML?, an open heart shape of diamonds, made by Tiffany's. It was stolen from her neck by a mugger in 1988; a New York City cabdriver read about this and went to Tiffany's and paid to have them make another made from their original drawings, then presented it to Miss Francis.