Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Joe Pyne Show (1967)

Here's a nice solid chunk of The Joe Pyne Show. The program has been showcased on Classic Television Showbiz twice before, and if I had access to more of this footage it would appear as often as possible. Always fascinating, combative and generally reactionary, you gotta hand it to Pyne. He was brave enough to bring on some very articulate people with totally opposing viewpoints and gave them a forum. Although he may have been utterly rude to them - he was generally rude to everyone. Compare this to a Bill O'Reilly today who is rude to a Phil Donahue but polite and complimentary to an Anne Coulter. Or a Glenn Beck who simply would never have anybody as far to the left on his show as Pyne has here.

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Hobo said...

Intervention is the name of the game when it comes to Joe Pyne...
for many years, Pyne was a chain-
smoking, controversial talk show host who was the predecessor to
great real-life debaters such as
Bill O'Reilly, Chris Matthews and
Rush Limbaugh - the embodiment of
all radio and television political
muckrakers and a great American topical decisionmaker.

I have uploaded some footage from
The Joe Pyne Show on Classic Television Showbiz, including never
-before-available-online footage from Pyne's first and only daytime
game show, Showdown, exclusively at