Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Phil Donahue Show with guest Jerry Rubin (1970)

Donahue was rather wise to question the sincerity of Yippie Jery Rubin in this interview. Just six years later, Rubin cleaned himself up and joined Wall Street rejecting his former life as a Yippie. Ironically, Donahue would come to emulate the anti-war politics that Rubin was somewhat of a poster child for in the late sixties. "Let's not be afraid of ideas," says Donahue near the end of this episode. Phil was extremely perceptive. Rubin occasionally makes some valid points, unfortunately, as Donahue noted, they were rather short on sincerity - and high on obnoxiousness. Read Rubin's yuppie treatise Growing Up at 37 (1976, Warner Books) for more on his transformation into a Ronald Reagan Republican.

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