Sunday, November 4, 2007

Talent Scouts with guest George Carlin (1962) - Footage Offline 2/01/08

You need to cue this video clip to the 2:45 mark to watch the footage in question. It's a recently 'gone-solo' George Carlin, fresh from his split with comedy partner Jack Burns, on an episode of Talent Scouts, the television spin-off of the long-running radio program. Arthur Godfrey was actually gone by this point, replaced by a different flash-in-the-pan celebrity guest host each week for this short lived incarnation of Godfrey's concept. In this clip we see Carlin do an impression of the pre-Rickles insult comic Jack E. Leonard followed by the only Mort Sahl impression I have ever seen... and a very good one at that. He finishes with a JFK take and an added comment on the dynastical aspect of his presidency. Some good, but less fascinatng, footage follows.


Meestermole said...

Hey there!
This is Allen, aka Meestermole.
I'm flattered that you have used so much of my George Carlin YouTube content in your blogs.
I noticed your blog and running into my own video posts as I started to do more research to get more Carlin clips. RE: this "Talent Scouts" (1962) would you have happened to have made an offline copy using keepvid or another application? I would love to see that, thanks.

Kliph Nesteroff said...

No, I never did make a copy. For some reason I haven't yet been able to get a piece of software that works for me yet. I tried greasemonkey and it doesn't work. You recommend keyvid for saving youtube vids?

Meestermole said...

The website works really well, but if you plan to save a lot, the program Replay Media Catcher is a dream. Of course you'll need a seperate FLV player, or the VLC player handles just about anything :)