Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Phil Silvers Show and more ...

Here's an episode of The Phil Silvers Show from 1955 with special guest star Fred "Herman Munster" Gwynne. This was Fred's television debut and Nat Hiken would remember him when he cast Car 54 Where Are You? several years later.

Here's the opening for The New Phil Silvers Show that aired in the fall of 1963.

Nat Hiken wrote a made for tv sitcom-movie in 1960 called The Slowest Gun in the West. The send-up of the current western craze starred Phil Silvers and Jack Benny and also featured the great lazy-eyed character actor Jack Elam. Here we see Lee Van Cleef confront Silvers.

An episode of Dinah Shore's variety show, Dinah! with several guest stars including Phil Silvers.

Phil Silvers guest stars on The Dean Martin Show:

I couldn't find any other full episodes of Bilko on the internet so here are several random clips from The Phil Silvers Show that remain hilarious even out of context.

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