Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Mike Douglas Show with guest Frank Zappa (1974)

This footage has been on YouTube forever, but perhaps someone out there hasn't seen it yet. It's too bad Zappa is so unresponsive in this interview, I guess he hadn't mastered his television persona yet (as a disastarous stint hosting Saturday Night Live later proved). Eventually he would make incredible arguments on television on more serious panel shows as in this oft-viewed clip on Crossfire or this debate moderated by Charlie Rose or my all-time favorite, this incongruous booking on a Joan Lunden mother's day special - part one & part two!


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"as a disastarous stint hosting Saturday Night Live later proved"

30 years later I remember Zappa sitting on the edge of the stage on SNL playing guitar and just talking to the audience. Zappa did what he always did - defied convention.

If memorable moments on the tube are to be consider a disaster in hindsight it is unfortunate.