Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Soupy Sales Show (1965)

Some fella calling himself Sandysoup has posted a full episode of The Soupy Sales Show in three parts as it originally aired on WNEW. What a treat!

And Soupy performs his hit novelty song The Mouse on an episode of Hulaballoo in 1965.

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Oaky said...

Thanks for posting these. You can hear the crew laughing in the back. I was at a lot of Soupy's shows on Channel 5. He had a live audience in the studio. There was also a booth upstairs. That was where most of the "regulars" (kids who were there most days) watched the show. On his last live show, Soupy insisted that all the regulars be seated in the studio. He had them bring in enough chairs for all of us.
Soupy is a wonderful guy. His health isn't great, but he's still Soupy. You ask him "Are you comfortable?" He says, "I make a nice living."