Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Paul Lynde Show with guest Jodie Foster (1972)


Jonathan F. King said...

Was this not a production from the same team that developed that Gawd-awful hospital sitcom you just foisted on us? The one you dared anyone to watch every episode of? (I made it to 2:39 of the pilot, FWIW.)

Pokey said...

:) Very Funny...in addition to guest Jodie Foster, another famous 1970s child actress appeared as a regular-Pamelyn Ferdin..both wound up on quite a lot of 60s-70s shows.


Bill S. said...

I remember TEMPERATURE'S RISING, but not this.
Many many thanks! Paul can walk through something like
this, tossing off the cynical comments, and he's
more interesting and funnier than 99% of what's out there today.
My day was just improved considerably by seeing this!

Anonymous said...

1972? wondering why it is in b&w??

Anonymous said...

The show was filmed in color. This comes from a 16mm b/w print. Most of the color prints seem to be lost.