Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Donahue with guest Lucille Ball (1974)

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Dan Themanfan said...

I haven't watched the vid yet but I never liked "Lucy". The I Love Lucy show made entertainment of a greedy, lying, dishonest housewife. I also read that she was a hooker while she was starting out, and that may have been how she met whatsisname. He was one of her johns. Apparently some celebrities marry their escorts. A few of the more recent examples of ex-hookers married to- are those "Housewives of" characters on those tacky reality shows today. There is another story out that Sophia Loren was a teen hooker and her own mother turned her out. I believe it because I heard a lot of this from WWII survivors, it was really common in Italy in those days. But her own mother!!

Hey Kliph I picked up an LP for 2 dollars at a thrift store that is like new: Kingston Trio LIVE at the HUNGRY i! I didn't know of the club til your blog interviews about that place. They had another "live at the ungry i" album there but I left it for the "next guy" : someone else who collects albums. Hey I'm not greedy!