Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Annual Classic Showbiz Fundraiser

It's that time of year when I ask you fine connoisseurs of Classic Showbiz for your financial endorsement.  Every financial boost helps. If you care to donate, please click the yellow donate button on the top right of your computer screen. If you wish to donate via smart phone, you can go directly through paypal and send it to

Thanks to your ongoing support I am preparing many new things. There are long, retrospective interviews with Bernie Kopell, William Schallert and George Schlatter to be posted soon. I'm sitting on a couple hundred more pages of transcripts of new conversations with Will Jordan and Jack Carter. I will be posting an interview I did with Barry Levinson about his days writing for Tim Conway. There's also a new conversation with Dick Cavett in the bag, all about Jack Paar.

I recently published this new article at WFMU about The Red Buttons Show and am planning new pieces at WFMU about the classic showbiz trainwreck Keefe Brasselle and the sordid, untold history of comedy LP manufacturer Fax Records. Furthermore, there is a whole slew of excess material that has been cut out of my book - about 700 pages of stuff - that I'm hoping to whip into new projects.

As you know this website has been around since 2006 (and looks it) and is a labor of love. Likewise, the Showbiz Imagery and Chicanery tumblr page is another pet project. Sometimes the work I put into all this stuff is simply for me and you. So if you dig it, I'm looking for your assistance in maintaining research sources and so on. Being a historian ain't no cash cow and every financial boost helps. 

Donation Swag. This year you'll get a couple extra bonus items in exchange for your support. Higher level donors will gain access to the live interviews I did with Mel Brooks, George Schlatter and Fred Willard. These interviews are not available anywhere. Mel speaks at length about the Sid Caesar writer's room, George Schlatter talks about the dead body that can be seen in the background of an Al Hirt special and Fred Willard talks about his career in Greenwich Village in the early 1960s. 

Donations of $25 or more will receive a unique series of rare showbiz screengrabs and research clippings culled from my files.

Donations of $100 or more receive private access to the audio of An Evening with George Schlatter

Donations of $250 or more receive private access to the audio of An Evening with Fred Willard

Donations of $500 of more receive private access to the audio of An Evening with Mel Brooks

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Steven Thompson said...

FYI--MR. HOP was one of my first favorite shows as a toddler. He was played by Dave Manning who also hosted other shows without the bunny suit and did staff announcing for WLW-T here in Cincinnati.