Sunday, June 7, 2009

Walt's Workshop (1949)

Some of the funniest stuff ever put on television aired in the late forties. Tedious beyond belief, I love Walt's Workshop!


Neal said...

I thought for sure I would only watch a few minutes of this show, but like an Ernie Bushmiller "Nancy" strip, it's so straightforward and minimalist, I was mesmerized and stayed until the very end. One can laugh at Walt's lack of screen charisma, but building an entire saw horse in real time with no edits or cutaways is mighty impressive.

Don Newbury said...

Couldn't they have given this poor bastard some sort of script? I love your site.

Steven said...

I have been wanting to build my own saw horse for a while now and this has inspired me. Seeing someone do this the old way with
regular hand tools and without miter saws is impressive. Thank you Walt!